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from 360 EUR
Landing page
A one-page website with a professional design and marketing structure for selling a specific service or product.

successful sales require no more.
from 720 EUR
A multi-page site, if you need to sell many services or products and promote the site in search of Google and Yandex.
from 150 EUR
If you already have a site ready, but it does not fulfill its functions or does not look the way you would like, then this option is for you

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Designer: Web, UI / UX, interactive design, graphic; more than 6 years in digital
Hello, Im Valeriy
I will help you and your business talk about yourself and attract new customers. I use both standard methods and unique solutions for specific tasks. I don't forget about my customers after development, I'll teach you how to edit your own website, and we will always be in touch to quickly resolve issues
Hello, Im Valeriy
Стоимость рассчитывается по часовой ставке в зависимости от объема работ. Так что, если у вас мелкая задача, либо ограниченный бюджет на проект, то мы можем обсудить выгодные условия сотрудничества
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